Our Company

Al Badoor is a global leading shipping and catering company based in Dubai. Established in 1981, the company grew from its early days to become amongst the most highly regarded business houses in
the Middle East.

The Company’s business field ranges from General ship supply, Marine Catering, Marine Logistic Services and Naval Operation. We have ties up with major International catering and have served more than 900 multinational vessels with complete ship supplies to all U.A.E ports.

Our team of experienced experts in all relevant areas is familiar with working customer-oriented clients and working with them continuously over long period of time. We make use of our flexibility and creativity in order to meet all the frequently changing demands of the market. The company is taking on an aspect of a world-class shipping and marine catering service provider today.

As a result of continuous marketing activities based on solid global network and nearly 32 years of valuable experience in shipping and catering services, we succeeded in making contracts with overseas and domestic clients. These results have strengthened our market leadership in spite of tough market conditions.